January 30, 2020



I set myself a goal of reading (or listening to) at least a hundred books in 2019. But, more importantly, I wanted to get into the habit of writing. I decided to start with writing book reviews for a phantom audience and in turn create my own mini-book out of those reviews. The reviews serve one primary purpose – to get me into the habit of writing. Something. Anything. I honestly don’t feel I have the wherewithal to pass judgement on anyone else’s writing. Every single published author out there is a content creator. That that fact alone makes their effort laudable. As a mere consumer of content, my opinion is simply that – a subjective opinion. I have to say I enjoyed the process of writing reviews because it gave me a second chance to recollect the content of each book, and that was a pleasurable experience (mostly). Also, the reviews turned out to be mini-journals and sometimes reflect not just of the book, but what my day was like as I read or wrote the reviews. The process was therapeutic enough to make me want to continue this exercise into 2020.

Now, for some numbers of what my 2019 reading list looked like

  • Attempted books – 109
  • Finished – 104
  • Fiction – 25
  • Nonfiction -79
  • Audiobooks – 66
  • E-and Paper books – 38

As you can tell, I love nonfiction and tread the fiction space carefully. Maybe I’m afraid of the emotional entanglement to good stories! The audiobook thing is new for me this year. I trained for and ran 12 races this year (half and full marathons) supported by the 66 audiobooks. I did not listen to anything else during my runs but these books. Sometimes they were a blessing and at others a curse (when either the runs were hard or the books were bad).

So, if you have time, or if any of these books pique your interest, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll share my take on it.

And most importantly, I’m immensely grateful for the gift that keeps on giving – the public library system and all the supporting apps and technology. My life would be so sad without the marvel that is my local Public Library.

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life” – Fernando Pessoa

My top ten picks (not in order)

  • Atomic Habits
  • Where the Crawdads sing
  • Becoming
  • The Gene
  • The Alchemist
  • We are the Weather
  • Winners take all
  • Maybe you should talk to someone
  • Surely you’re joking Mr.Feynman
  • The incomplete book of running
  • Make your bed

Finally, here’s the complete list:

1Patterson, James and Clinton, BillThe President is MissingFictionAudiobook 
2Patchett, AnnCommonwealthFictionAudiobook 
3Archer, JeffreyHeads you winFictionAudiobook 
4Schumacher, JulieThe Shakespeare requirementFictionBook 
5Audible originalThe man on the mountain topNon-FictionAudiobook 
6Greene, RobertThe laws of human natureNon-FictionAudiobook 
7Sittenfeld, CurtisYou think it, I’ll say itFictionBook 
8Christian, DavidOrigin Story – A Big History of EverythingNon-FictionAudiobook 
9Navarro, JoeWhat Every Body is SayingNon-FictionAudiobook 
10McRaven, William AdmMake Your BedNon-FictionAudiobook 
11Sincero, JenYou are a BadassNon-FictionAudiobook 
12Voss, ChrisNever split the differenceNon-FictionAudiobook 
13Hutchinson, AlexEndureNon-FictionBook 
14Grann, DavidThe White DarknessNon-FictionBook 
15Sterner, ThomasThe Practicing MindNon-FictionAudiobook 
16Thames, Elizabeth WillardMeet the FrugalwoodsNon-FictionBook 
17Obama, MichelleBecomingNon-FictionAudiobook 
18Sagal, PeterThe Incomplete book of runningNon-FictionBook 
19Gundry, StevenThe plant paradox: the hidden dangers in “healthy” foods that cause disease and weight gainNon-FictionBook 
20Headin, AbbieThe power of YES: positive and practical advice to help you live life to the fullNon-FictionBook 
21Baldacci, DavidAbsolute PowerFictionAudiobook 
22Easwaran, EknathThe Bhagavad GitaNon-FictionAudiobook 
23Smith, Ian KThe Clean 20Non-FictionBook 
24Simmons, RachelEnough as she isNon-FictionAudiobook 
25Gawande, AtulThe Checklist ManifestoNon-FictionAudiobook 
26Clear, JamesAtomic HabitsNon-FictionBook 
27Siegel, RonaldThe Science of Mindfulness, the Great coursesNon-FictionAudiobook 
28Berry, JulieWishes and WellingtonsFictionAudiobook 
29Knapp, Jake and Zeratsky, JohnMake TimeNon-FictionBook 
30Nadella, SatyaHit RefreshNon-FictionBook 
31Hester, TanjaWork OptionalNon-FictionBook 
32Saujani, ReshmaBrave, Not PerfectNon-FictionAudiobook 
33Feynman, RichardSurely you’re joking Mr. FeynmanNon-FictionAudiobook 
34Taleb, Nassim NicholasFooled by RandomnessNon-FictionAudiobook 
35Harfoush, RahafHustle & FloatNon-FictionAudiobook 
36Manson, MarkThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckNon-FictionBook 
37Kinsella, SophieI owe you oneFictionBook 
38Rieckens, ScottPlaying with FIRENon-FictionAudiobook 
39Kastor, DeenaLet your mind runNon-FictionAudiobook 
40Lane, StephanieMaidNon-FictionBookdid not finish; too traumatic
41Hussain, AmirThe Sentient MachineNon-FictionBook 
42Sabatier, GrantFinancial FreedomNon-FictionAudiobook 
43Gawande, AtulBeing MortalNon-FictionAudiobook 
44Patterson, James1st to DieFictionAudiobook 
45Baldacci, DavidSplit SecondFictionAudiobook 
46Baldacci, DavidHour GameFictionAudiobook 
47Baldacci, DavidSimple GeniusFictionAudiobook 
48Baldacci, DavidFirst FamilyFictionAudiobook 
49Baldacci, DavidThe Sixth ManFictionAudiobook 
50Baldacci, DavidKing & MaxwellFictionAudiobook 
51Dispenza, JoeBecoming SupernaturalNon-FictionAudiobook 
52Marx, PatriciaWhy don’t you write my Eulogy now so i can correct it?Non-FictionBook 
53Yellin, JessicaSavage NewsNon-FictionAudiobookdid not finish; meant for younger audience
54Patterson, JamesThe Cornwalls are goneFictionAudiobook 
55Isaacson, WalterEinsteinNon-FictionAudiobook 
56Pofeldt, ElaineThe Million Dollar one person businessNon-FictionAudiobook 
57Wojcicki, EstherHow to raise successful peopleNon-FictionBook 
58Bach, DavidThe Latte FactorNon-FictionAudiobookdid not finish; too basic
59Robbins, AnthonyUnshakeableNon-FictionAudiobook 
60Phillipe, BenThe Field guide to the North American TeenagerFictionBookdid not finish; book meant for young adults not old adults
61Oppenheimer, AndresThe Robots are ComingNon-FictionBook 
62Kupor, ScottSecrets of SandHill RoadNon-FictionAudiobook 
63Mastromonaco, AlyssaSo Here’s the ThingNon-FictionAudiobook 
64Latka, NathanHow to be a Capitalist without any CapitalNon-FictionAudiobook 
65Gelman, LaurieClass MomFictionAudiobook 
66Keflighizi, Meb26 MarathonsNon-FictionAudiobook 
67Winfrey, OprahThe Path Made ClearNon-FictionAudiobook 
68Newport, CalDigital MinimalismNon-FictionAudiobook 
69Gottlieb, LoriMaybe you should talk to someoneNon-FictionBook 
70Sethi, RamitI will teach you to be richNon-FictionBook 
71Elrod, HalThe Miracle EquationNon-FictionBook 
72Vanderkam, LauraWhat most successful people do before breakfastNon-FictionAudiobook 
73Coelho, PaulThe AlchemistFictionAudiobook 
74Hardy, DarrenThe Compound EffectNon-FictionBookdid not finish; boring!
75Moriarty, LianeNine Perfect StrangersFictionAudiobook 
76McKeown, GregEssentialism: The Disciplined pursuit of lessNon-FictionBook 
77Galloway, ScottThe Algebra of HappinessNon-FictionBook 
78Guillebeau, Chris100 side hustlesNon-FictionBook 
79Vanderkam, LauraOff the ClockNon-FictionBook 
80Carroll, RyderThe Bullet Journal MethodNon-FictionBook 
81Robin, VickiYour money or your lifeNon-FictionBook 
82Vanderkam, LauraJuliet’s school of possibilitiesFictionBookdid not finish; for young and self-absorbed adults
83Gelman, LaurieYou’ve been volunteered – A Class Mom NovelFictionBook 
84Rubin, GretchenOuter order, Inner CalmNon-FictionAudiobook 
85Michaelides, AlexThe Silent PatientFictionAudiobook 
86Lukianoff, GregThe Coddling of the American MindNon-FictionAudiobook 
87Rubin, GretchenHappier at HomeNon-FictionAudiobook 
88Harms, KellyThe Overdue life of Amy BylerFictionBook 
89Epstein, DavidRangeNon-FictionBook 
90Robbins, AnthonyMoney : Master the GameNon-FictionAudiobook 
91Von Tobel, AlexaFinancially ForwardNon-FictionBook 
92Gladwell, MalcomTalking to StrangersNon-FictionBook 
93NcNamara, MichelleI’ll be gone in the darkNon-FictionAudiobook 
94Mukherjee, SiddharthaThe GeneNon-FictionAudiobook 
95Sasaki, FumioGoodbye ThingsNon-FictionAudiobook 
96Wiking, MeikThe Little Book of HyggeNon-FictionAudiobook 
97Safran Foer, JonathanWe are the weatherNon-FictionBook 
98Kwan, KevinCrazy Rich AsiansFictionAudiobook 
99Brooks, DavidThe Second MountainNon-FictionBook 
100Holiday, RyanStillness is the keyNon-FictionAudiobook 
101Chodron, PremaEmbracing the unknownNon-FictionAudiobook 
102Brown, DanOriginFictionAudiobook 
103Owens, DeliaWhere the Crawdads singFictionAudiobook 
104Rubin, GretchenBetter than beforeNon-FictionAudiobook 
105Sinek, SimonFind your whyNon-FictionAudiobook 
106Ornish, DeanUndo itNon-FictionBook 
107Kahn, Joel KThe Plant Based SolutionNon-FictionBook 
108Giridhardhas, Anand KWinners Take AllNon-FictionAudiobook 
109Dweck, CarolMindsetNon-FictionAudiobook 

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