Over the course of many years, through my own projects and by observing others, I have tried to explore answers to some deep questions on what it means to live a good, fulfilling life. These articles are filled with actionable insights, guidance, and some humor to help you do the same.

We should aim to be better versions of ourselves

Mark Twain famously said, 'Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you did'. We need to look upon how we live everyday to see what's going well and what we can do better. Our collective happiness depends on it. 


Understand what conscious or unconscious behaviors are guiding you


Reflect on how the behaviors align with your values and visions for your ideal self 


Use science-backed tools and guidelines for positive behavioral changes 

Understand and address habitual behaviors

Read these to see if you engage in some of these behaviors consciously or unconsciously.

Tools to practice positive behaviors 

Read these to understand simple tools and techniques to incorporate positive behavior changes in your life

Reflect on how your behaviors align with your values

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About the Author

Hello! I’m Aruna Gobalan (pronounced Go-bah-lun). As I navigate through midlife, questions of purpose, balance and mortality abound. I have tried to explore answers to some of these questions through projects of my own and observing others on such journeys. I have gained a few deep insights along the way. My personal growth journey has been inspired by many and I seek to pass on that inspiration to many more through this blog. 

The focus of this blog is to find ways to nourish the three core areas of mind, body and soul through actionable insights on productivity, wellness and self.

Never underestimate the power to inspire or be inspired. This is how meaningful life changes happen.

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